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Jan 31

Spreading Your Wings Over Her

God created a marvelous being when he created woman.  Men who stay frustrated  with “complicated women,” often miss the beauty of the mystery and depth of women.  God gave so much to this world when he created the feminine heart. At the core of a woman’s soul is the desire to be loved, long for, …

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Jan 27

Review of “12 Years a Slave” Book

I recently listened to  the audiobook 12 Years a Slave.  The book which was turned into an award winning movie was a fascinating audiobook.  I have not seen the movie.  I am sure there are some changes with the movie, but the book was really interesting. The book is a memoir from 1853 of a …

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Jan 26

Shoveling Snow and Church Work

You want to know how your preacher often feels? Go shovel snow to clear your driveway, knowing that the work is only temporary, to understand what he often feels like.   I know it sounds pessimistic, and even maybe a little heretical, but emotionally ministers regularly wonder is their work making any longterm difference.  Is …

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Jan 22

Don’t Be Content with Losing!

Don, a retired friend of mine, was telling me about his father who boxed in taverns of Illinois in the 30s.  He said he wanted the money, so he would take a fight knowing he was going to lose.  The winner got paid $5 dollars and the loser $3.  He took the fight, covered his …

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Jan 19

The Spark that Burns So Many Relationships

You are likely familiar with James’ discussion of the tongue in chapter 3 of his epistle.  I want to draw your attention to one verse from that section. “And the tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. The tongue is set among our members, staining the whole body, setting on fire the entire course …

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Jan 14

A Fun, Random Way to Choose Your Bible Class Text

The Bible class teacher called me about 6:00 in the evening.  Bible study started at 7:00.  He had a severe stomach ache and was not going to be able to make it to Wednesday night Bible study.  He was our men’s class teacher and I volunteered to cover the class.  To be fair, I could …

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Jan 13

The “Why?” is Answered in the “Yet”

We live in a world with a tremendous amount of suffering. With social media and global news services informing us daily of the trials and tribulations of others.  Another family lost a precious child, another mother gets breast cancer, a drunk driver kills an innocent motorist robbing a family of a father.  Natural disasters strike …

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Jan 08

How A Load of Trash Spoke Love

As you likely know we have recently moved into our new home.  The inside is mostly settled, but the outside has still be filled with trash from the construction.  Boards, siding, bricks, cardboard, and paint cans littered the yard.  Add on top of this all of the outdoor items from our old house like a …

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Jan 06

Top Ten Posts of 2015

Here are the top ten posts visited on Life in the Kingdom in 2015.  Thanks for reading and sharing with others. How God Blessed Us to Pay Off a $338,000 debt in One Week I am Going to Do Better Instrumental Music Debate:  How Should We Respond? Your Facebook Attitude Boxtrolls: A New Cartoon with …

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Jan 03

Fire Yourself To Begin This Year

The beginning of each year I fire myself!  Thankfully I have not actually been fired by my employer any of these years. Years back, I heard Andy Stanley suggest that we know what needs to be done more than anyone else.  But we are so entrenched into the system that we fear making those changes. …

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