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Dec 28

Top Ten Posts of 2016

It has been a blessed year for the Life in the Kingdom website. I appreciate all of the readers and listeners to the website’s content.  I look forward to 2017 and trying to produce more worthwhile content to encourage you in seeking first the kingdom of Christ. These are the most read posts of 2016. …

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Dec 24

Merry Christmas


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Dec 21

Anxious? Consider What You Are Thinking About!

Anxiety is common to all of us.  We have worries and stress because of life!  The Bible tells us many things about how to control our anxiety and worries.  It can affect us physically and spiritually.  It will rob our joy and even replace God in our lives.  Satan can use it to keep us …

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Dec 16

Farm Report #9 – Growth and Harvest

I haven’t shared about our farm since June in Farm Report #8.  Our relationship to the farm is maturing.  We are settling into farm life and finding more rhythm with it.  We did lots of fencing this year to allow for our plan of rotational grazing.  Our animals have been healthy and our numbers are …

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Dec 13

Why Was Jesus Born?

While we don’t know the exact day of Jesus’ birth, we do know he was born! Have you ever thought about why he had to be born?  Couldn’t the God of the world and savior of mankind just come as an adult and skip the growing up years? Why did he have to spend nine …

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Dec 07

Stockings to Fill This Christmas

It is Christmas time once again which is special and magical in a way like no other for our family.  We have four young children who love the holidays, and eagerly anticipate the gifts they will receive.  But Christmas is not without its challenging factors.  It is filled with busyness and overtaken with selfish materialism …

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Dec 06

The Tragedy of Running Out of Fuel!

All tragedy is sorrowful and heart-wrenching, but it seems especially such when it could have been avoided.  The loss of 71 lives in the crash of a chartered airline carrying a Brazilian soccer team to Bogota, Columbia is so terrible because it certainly could have been avoided.  The Wall-Street Journal ran an article about the …

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Dec 02

How Your Diet Makes You Different!

If you are on a special diet you face the reality that you have to eat different than before, and chiefly, eat different from other people. If you have to go on a sodium-free diet or are diagnosed a diabetic and have to watch your sugar intake, you are aware of the difference the special …

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Nov 30

VidAngel – A Great Family Entertainment Resource

I have wanted to write about VidAngel for several months.  VidAngel is a great online streaming movie service that allows you to filter the content of the movies.  That’s right, you can take out foul language, sex scenes, violence, and other inappropriate content.  You get to choose what content you want to take out before …

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Nov 24

Happy Thanksgiving

HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2016! We are blessed and thankful for the Lord’s many blessings.

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