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Oct 28

God is Not To Be Used, But Served!

First Samuel chapters 4-6 tell the story of the Ark of God getting passed around from group to group all in an attempt to use God for their personal benefit.  First, Israel brings the Ark out for a battle against the Philistines.  They lose because of their wickedness and the ark is stolen.  The Philistines …

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Oct 25

Caleb and Landon Lead Singing at Church

Some of our young men lead worship last night at Seven Oaks Church of Christ. While they all did a wonderful job, I wanted to share Caleb and Landon’s video.  Austin did a great job on his lesson, which I may get loaded to Youtube later. If you want a smile and encouragement, then watch …

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Oct 23

What My Sunday Night Survey Revealed

Last week I offered a survey on this site regarding Sunday night.  I also asked members of Seven Oaks to fill it out.  I thought you might enjoy learning about the results and my observations.  There were 93 respondents and I appreciate each who took the survey.       The Results:  Which of the …

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Oct 20

A Modern Day Daniel

Have you heard about Joe Kennedy; the assistant football coach for Bremerton High in Washington?  He has had a long-standing practice of going to the 50-yard line after a game and having a prayer.  He does this personally and silently.  He doesn’t require his players to attend, but has simply gone to the middle of …

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Oct 15

Our Legacy: Words or Actions?

Gideon, the great deliverer and judge of Israel, said the right thing!  Gideon said, “I will not rule over you and my son will not rule over you, the Lord will rule over you” (Judges 8:23).  The people wanted to make him king after his great victory, but he refused. He pointed the people to …

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Oct 13

Where Are You on Sunday Nights?

Please take a minute and fill out this survey regarding Sunday nights.  I will help me and others as I will be sharing this information.  The survey is anonymous and is very concise.  Thanks in advance.  Help me share the survey with others too.  Thanks,  Josh          

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Oct 11

The Image of God: What Does it Mean?

There is tremendous talk about mass shootings these days, and rightly so.  While the problem is multifaceted, the root goes back to the individual’s beliefs.  This is one product of a larger problem, we as a nation are raising thousands of individuals who do not know who they are!  They have been fed a message …

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Oct 08

Farm Report #7: A House is Being Built

I haven’t given a farm report since February.  You can read all of the other six reports on this site to learn the whole story.  In this report, I want to simply update my readers on the status and progress of the farm. The big news is;  we started our house.  After much delay because …

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Oct 07

Don’t Limit God By Limiting Yourself!

“I just don’t think I can do that!” “Well, I am too busy to add that to my life.” “You can find someone who will do better, I don’t feel qualified to do it.”  “I am not a very good teacher.” Have you heard any of these lines before?  Have you said them?  While there …

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