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Jul 28

Would Aliens Prove Atheism?

Did you hear about the discovery of “Earth 2.0?”  NASA announced recently the discovery of an earth-like planet called Kepler 452b.  Scientists argue that there are likely many more planets like this one that exist in a similar dimension to a sun as Earth.  These earth-like planets would possibly be able to sustain life, in …

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Jul 22

What I Wish Everyone Knew about Sin

“SIN”  – that is a word that has fallen on hard times.  Sin is too religious of a term.  We prefer terms like “mistake” and “wrong” better.  In fact, it may be the case that most of the current culture doesn’t even understand the word “sin.”  It is viewed just as another term for doing …

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Jul 21

Dealing with Drama Like Jesus

DRAMA!  Some folks live with perpetual drama in their lives. By drama, I mean turmoil in relationships, crisis situations, and generally making a big deal out of every issue!  Drama  involves gossip, consumed with other people’s business, excessive worry, and conflict with others. Jesus had lots of drama surrounding his life, yet he dealt with …

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Jul 15

Looking Back at a Crossroads Decision

I didn’t post any last week, as it was a difficult week of tragedy for our family.  My first cousin, Brandon Daniels lost his wife in a tragic car accident on the way to Horizons camp at FHU.  Brandon and I grew up together and went to Freed-Hardeman together back in 1994.  They have two …

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Jul 12

New Church Camp Week for Homeschool Students in 2016

We have been asked to start a new week of church camp at West Kentucky Youth Camp located near Marion, Kentucky.  We have agreed to this new ministry.  I have never directed a youth camp week, but have enjoyed camp and believe it is a great way to build faith in young people.  This camp …

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Jul 01

Distinguishing Between Safe and Killer Mushrooms at Home

I don’t like mushrooms, while my wife loves mushrooms.  To me all mushrooms are bad and avoid my mouth.  But did you know that many mushrooms are poisonous?  A couple of types can even cause certain death.  The death sounded awful and excruciating too!  So not all mushrooms are the same.  If you were to …

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