June 2015 archive

Jun 30

Evangelism: What is at Stake?

Evangelism is not optional!  We as Christians focus on the reasons people are not responding.  We defeat ourselves before Satan even has to by our negative self-talk.  We come up with the reasons why we cannot evangelize.  But we must realize what is at stake with our choice to evangelize! 1. The Blood of Christ!  Jesus …

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Jun 26

Handling Our Historic Failures: Should We Remove History?

Since the terrible tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina where a murderous hate crime was committed against a historically African-American church killing 9 worshippers the Confederate flag has come under attack.  There has been a desire to take it down from the state grounds where it flies over a Confederate memorial in Charleston. This subject is …

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Jun 18

Don’t Look Like a Goat if You are a Sheep

We have Barbados Blackbelly Sheep on the farm.  They are a breed of hair sheep.  They do not have wool like traditional sheep.  They do look very much like goats.  In fact, most everyone thinks they are goats.  Even a vet kept calling them goats. We just had a new lamb this week.  We named …

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Jun 17

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Satan

We have an adversary, an enemy in Satan.  Paul describes Satan as the “god of this world” while Jesus described his character as being a “murder from the beginning” and “the father of lies”¹  Satan is not deity!  He is not equal with God.  Satan is a created being who prideful rebelled against God.²  Even …

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Jun 15

Living with No Regrets

  I follow professional golf pretty closely.  During Jack Nicklaus’ Memorial tournament some interesting comments were made that have me to thinking. Jack Nicklaus considered the greatest golfer of all-time because of his 18 career Major wins, said, “”I think I underachieved all my life.” Nicklaus said Wednesday at the Memorial. ”I think that’s why …

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Jun 11

The Shocking Site of Our Phones on the Table

I got a date last night with my bride of 15 years before I spoke at a church in Paducah, Kentucky.  The kids wanted to attend 7 Oaks so Amanda and I went over early and ate out together.  We were enjoying our salad when our young waitress made this comment: “I really appreciate you …

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Jun 07

What I Wish Everybody Knew about God

The Lord lives!” declares David.¹  I believe and know that He does.  If I could share a message with everyone about Him, I would want them to know these three things about God. 1.  God is the Creator and Sustainer of life!  “Scientists themselves who calculate the odds of the universe coming into existence by …

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Jun 03

Raising Boys into Men

I give a lot of thought to how to raise my boys.  I am blessed with three sons; currently aged 10,5, and 2.  I am also the tender father to an 8 year old little girl who the boys argue is treated differently than them by dad!  I say she deserves it, because she is much sweeter! …

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