February 2015 archive

Feb 24

The Church is Not About You!

Often the church’s sells pitch today to church-lookers  focuses on all the church can do for them. Come here because we have an active youth program, daycare ministry, a wonderful preacher who gives challenging, practical sermons, great music, and great small groups ministry where you can make lots of friends. This is what our consumer-driven …

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Feb 22

Farm Report # 6: Reflecting on the first year

I have not given a farm report since September.  I wanted to give an update on the farm and share some reflections on our first year. 1.  We have been very pleased with how much of a blessing the farm has been for the kids.  We thought that Austin our oldest may not like the …

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Feb 19

Thinking about God while Singing Lullabies to Caleb

For the last year I have put Caleb, our youngest down to sleep each night.  Don’t think I am the greatest dad ever, I probably wouldn’t do this every night if he didn’t do better for me than Amanda.  You see, he likes her more!  This really isn’t up for debate, in fact, he likes …

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Feb 17

Returning Back: Speaking to Teachers at My High School

I was blessed with a unique opportunity last Friday of returning to my old school.  I attended 1st grade through senior year at South Pemiscot school in Steele, Missouri.  My 1st cousin’s husband was the president of the teacher’s association.  They had an inservice for teachers of all grades and he asked me to share …

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Feb 11

Finding Time for Romance with Kids

Most surveys done on marital happiness indicate a sharp decline after kids come along.  But this is not always the case and doesn’t have to be!    While kids bring lots of challenges, they are also an incredible blessing. I have four children; all 10 and below.  We are in zone coverage and still can’t …

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Feb 08

A Biblical Picture of Pornography

This past weekend 50 Shades of Grey movie was released.  A new movie based on the book.  The three-book series has sold over 100 million copes worldwide.  But it is known for its erotic theme.  This movie and book just represent our culture’s growing indulgence of sexually-charged material.  Pornography is a huge problem in our …

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Feb 06

Leadership, Position, and Influence in the Church

John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence–nothing more, nothing less.”¹  A leader is able to influence others to follow his course.  In a world filled with competition and desire for influence, we often believe that position gives influence. We aspire to a position, believing it will give us influence.  While there is some truth to this …

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Feb 02

Russell Wilson Won’t Be Defined by 1 Moment and You Shouldn’t Either

Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, came to a key crossroads in his life over the last 24 hours after losing the Super Bowl when he threw a goal line interception in the final minute.  He had led his team down the field and they were within 1 yard of scoring a touchdown. …

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