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Jan 28

Who Gets the Credit?

Who gets the credit? This question is seldom vocalized, but often unconsciously on the mind of everyone. Sports teams struggle with the question. Church leaders struggle with the question. Preachers secretly ask themselves, “will I get the credit?” when this succeeds. Elders just wonder why the preacher gets the credit and they get the blame! Husbands …

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Jan 25

5 Practices that Will Change Your Family

This was a Haiku Deck presentation I created for a lesson last night. The presentation shares 5 Practices that will change your family in 2015. How is your family doing on these habits?  Pick an area to do better in this year.   Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires If the above show …

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Jan 22

Using Discussion Groups in Bible Class

When I was an education major at Freed-Hardeman University we learned the teaching technique of breaking a class into groups.  I enjoyed this method of teaching then and have used it ever since in Bible classes. How I do it. I typically divide the class into groups of about 4-6 people.  I ask them to …

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Jan 21

Maybe The Best Thing I Have Done for My Ministry

It is hard to say what is the best thing I have done to enrich my ministry.  I have attended various lectureships, received a graduate degree, and read many books. I am blessed by reading ministry related blogs and listening to podcasts.  While all of these continue to enrich my work, maybe the best thing I have done …

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Jan 18

Has Country Music Gone Drunk and Party Crazy?

I grew up listening to country music.  While I was driving a tractor though the summer it was a big chunk of my listening. I still listen to it some, but overall our family’s radio dial isn’t on country music anymore. One of the biggest complaints I have is the amount of songs that focus on …

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Jan 13

Have We Confused People in our Use of the Term “Gospel?”

I believe we are often misleading in our use of the word “gospel” in the church. We will typically say the gospel is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  It is the good news of His coming, dying, and being raised for our salvation.  But then when we teach Galatians 1:6-9 regarding people perverting …

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Jan 11

Have a Missions Class

Is your church involved in missions? When was the last time you had a Bible class studying missions? At Seven Oaks we didn’t know if we had ever had a class on missions.  We are currently having a class open for any to attend on Sunday mornings.  It is aimed at those primarily involved in …

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Jan 07

Every “ONE” Counts Ministry

In 2014, the Seven Oaks Church of Christ did a new benevolent ministry. This ministry proved successful and I wanted to share it with others.  The idea is certainly not original to us and has been done by other churches in various forms. We simply asked every individual in attendance Sunday morning to give a …

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Jan 06

Socks in the Laundry and 15 Years of Marriage

What is it with socks in the laundry? They go in a pair and come out a single!  With 12 feet in our household we have lots of socks.  The concept seems pretty simple though.  You put the dirty socks in the laundry and clean socks come out in the dryer.  Somehow it seems only …

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