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Dec 29

Uncertain Assumptions You May Be Making

We make many assumptions as we go about our days.  Most of these are not a big deal if they do not turn out as we have assumed.  Our battery may be dead, our TV show may not have recorded as we intended, but we will live. But when it comes to assumptions in the spiritual …

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Dec 22

Merry Christmas

From my family to yours — Merry Christmas. May your holiday be blessed with joy, family, and love. Thanks for being a part of our lives. I am richly blessed as the pictures below demonstrate.

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Dec 20

3 Years of Blogging – I Finished My Goal!

I finished, but I am not done!   When I started this blog 3 years ago, I made a personal commitment to it for 3 years.  I knew that most blogs die pretty quickly, but I wanted mine to persevere for at least three years.  My goal was to write three posts a week on …

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Dec 17

“I am Going to Do Better.”

On Thursday, December 3rd I preached the funeral of a brother in Christ, Eric England.  Eric was only 53 years of age.  His lung cancer was vicious and relentless in its pursuit of his body.  It did its work in a short amount of time.  His initial diagnosis was not that bad, but it continued …

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Dec 15

Reflections on Building Our House

Our life has been crazy the last five weeks, well crazier then than the last 8 months I should say.  All of it has been too busy.  We don’t esteem busyness, so we haven’t been proud of how booked we have been.  However, we had a Dec. 12th move-in-date and over the last 5 weeks …

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Nov 26

Happy Thanksgiving

My blog has taken a back seat to our new house.  We are working hard to get it finished.  We are feeling the pressure with a December 12th move-in date.  We are currently laying floors and painting the bonus room.  I will update you with recent pictures of the family and the house in the …

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Nov 18

Being Convicted Doesn’t Make You Judgmental

There is a great lack of strong convictions in the church today.  Many Christians don’t know what they believe on core issues of doctrine.  They have been convinced that they should believe a certain way, but they are not convicted.  Convictions are something that are stood for in the face of opposition.  They are held …

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Nov 12

Can I Get a Witness?

  [This was an article I wrote for Think Magazine in a recent issue that focused on Christians and persecution.] For years the book of Revelation has been a hotly debated book.  Many churches neglect to study it because of its perceived and real challenges.  My belief is that Revelation will become increasingly relevant and popular again …

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Nov 11

My Favorite Military Books

Today is Veteran’s day and I wanted to share some of my favorite military books.  I don’t read as much as I used too with my busy schedule now, but these are some of my favorites over the years.  They are in no particular order.  But I hope they may help you fill out your …

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Nov 03

The Story of How God Blessed Us to Pay Off a $338,000 Debt in One Week!!

“Nothing really happens until God’s people step out in faith.” I preach this message regularly to the 7 Oaks Church of Christ congregation, but this past Sunday I had a powerful illustration behind it! Let me tell you a little background information so you can understand the power of this story in seeing God work. …

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