October 2014 archive

Oct 31

Taking Off Your Mask?

Today is Halloween 2014.  Many people will wear a mask of some sort for their costume.  These are physical masks, but people also wear masks all through the year.  In fact, all of us are guilty at times of wearing masks to hide ourselves.  Adam and Eve immediately tried to hide themselves from God when …

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Oct 30

What Would Your Wife Say?

If your wife wrote a journal or spoke about your love and service to her, what would she say?  Leo Tolstoy, the great Russian writer, tried to follow the teachings of Jesus, especially the Sermon on the Mount.  Yet, he failed miserably to live out what he preached.  His marriage was certainly not what God …

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Oct 27

How to Be a Great Lectureship Speaker

The title is certainly audacious.  You may even think a bit vain and arrogant. I certainly am not claiming to be a great lectureship speaker.  In fact, I have only spoken at a few lectures. But I have listened to hundreds of lectures over the years at various events in our brotherhood.  I have spoken …

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Oct 23

Spiritual Status Updates

If your spiritual life had a page with status updates like your social life has a Facebook page what would be your status? Social media is so popular today and has a place in connecting family and friends to one another. People typically will put their “status” periodically on their page which shares these thoughts …

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Oct 21

Sexual Abuse: What the Church Can Do!

When was the last time you heard a sermon on sexual abuse?  We preach against illicit sexual activity, but what about our concern for the victims of abuse?  Yet 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are victims of child sexual abuse.¹ Some even suggest a higher number. Jesus quoted from Isaiah when he said, …

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Oct 19

Remember Your True Citizenship

It is election time again which often creates a wave of interest in the political and moral direction of our nation.  Our nation certainly seems to be declining morally and our political leaders are certainly contributing to this decline.  Christians should vote and seek to elect officials who will respect God and His word. Yet, …

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Oct 14

Buy Your Kids an Alarm, and Take Away the Cell!

You can purchase a simple digital alarm clock for $9.33 at Amazon.  This may be the best money you can spend for your kids, if you are allowing them to keep their cell phones at night because it is their alarm! 4 in 5 teens say they sleep with, on, or beside their cell phone …

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Oct 12

Don’t Leave These Up to the Church

The local congregation is wonderful and plays a necessary role in the life of the Christian.  The church provides Bible instruction, fellowship, worship, accountability, and overall edification.  But sometimes, I think we can leave our discipleship and spiritual growth solely up to the church in our attitude and mindset.  Here are some things that you …

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Oct 08

8 Roots of Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.  The Light Network which produces a number of great podcasts providing solid Bible teaching and encouragement is seeking to bring awareness to this topic in the church.  They have several podcasts on the topic this month and are coordinating a blog hop. They are asking various writers to contribute posts …

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Oct 03

Boxtrolls – A New Cartoon with a Homosexual Agenda

The new release PG-rated cartoon Boxtrolls has a clear message, “Families come in all shapes and sizes.”  It is about an orphaned child who is raised by boxtrolls.  It is made by the same production company, Laika, which introduced the first openly gay cartoon character in ParaNorman.  The trailer for the movie is pretty blunt …

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