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Jul 31

The Vast Wasteland of TV

Newton Minnow a former chairman of the FCC made a ground breaking speech about the Vast Wasteland of TV in May 1961.  You likely haven’t heard of it, but it is very applicable to today and a bit prophetic I believe.  Here are some short excerpts of it. “Ours has been called the jet age, the …

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Jul 27

Farm Report #4: Failed But Succeeded

Our goal this year was to grow some sweet corn to sell.  We were only wanting to do around 3/4 of an acre.  We didn’t want to grow just any corn, but “organic” corn; i.e. no artificial fertilizer nor herbicide.  We worked the ground this spring.  It seemed like it took a million trips over …

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Jul 23

The Weekly Hug Project

At Seven Oaks’ Ladies’ Night, Cathy Powell pointed out how little physical touch, namely hugs, a widow or widower will receive each week.  Amanda then decided to have our kids hug a widow or widower each Sunday between class and worship.  Physical touch and hugs are so important for all of us as a way …

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Jul 22

Book Reviews: The Derision of Heaven and Esau’s Doom

I have a great appreciation and admiration for Michael Whitworth.  Michael started his own publishing company Start2Finish books a couple of years back.  It is his aim to produce trusted, engaging guides to God’s word.  He desires to cover every Bible book over the course of his lifetime.  He is certainly making great strides at …

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Jul 17

We are Isaac and Jesus is the Ram

Christians know the story of Abraham offering Isaac as a sacrifice  in Genesis 22.  We typically see the foreshadowing of Jesus in Isaac.  Isaac was the “only son” of Abraham and he willingly laid upon the wood that he carried.  The events likely happened on the mount that would one day be the area of the …

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Jul 16

Government Religious Restrictions Come to New Pathways Home in Kentucky

Since coming to preach in Mayfield, Kentucky I have been involved with the New Pathways for Children ministry.  The work began in 1990 and has grown through the sacrifices of Christians in this region.  The facility has undergone a renewal in the last three years through the leadership fo Glen and Ricky Burse.  Their number …

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Jul 11

5 Ways You Can Build Up the Church

[important]”Strive to excel in building up the church.” 1 Cor. 14:12[/important] Here are 5 ways to build your local church that most anyone can do! 1.  Attend Bible class on Sunday morning. 2.  Attend worship on Sunday morning. 3.  Attend evening worship on Sunday evening or your small group if your congregation meets in this …

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Jul 09

A Good Story Versus Your Story

I recently read a stirring local book about the murder of the Graves County Sheriff in 1922 by his deputy.  The book entitled “A Courthouse Tragedy” was written by a local lawyer and family relative to some of the key characters.  I enjoyed the book and learned much about Graves County and our city of …

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Jul 08

The Greatest Challenge Facing Families

We were discussing our schedule for the week and the activities with sports, when Amanda said it! She said, “I think youth sports may be the greatest challenge facing families today.”  Some might heartily disagree with this statement. Some might say it is worldliness, apathy, or materialism that is challenging families today.  They would certainly have …

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Jul 04

In Honor of Zamperini and Happy 4th of July

One of the best history books you can read is the book “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand which tells the unbelievable story of Louis Zamperini.  The story is coming out in movie form soon.  He survived incredible horrors at sea, and then in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.  It is a great story of survival, …

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