June 2014 archive

Jun 29

Marriage Statistics: It is Not as Bad As Quoted

The popular quote from preachers and others is that 1 in 2 marriages end in divorce.   This means the divorce rate is 50%.  This statistic has never been accurate because it is based simply off of the number of marriages and divorces.  New research suggest much better statistics, especially amongst Christians. I am going …

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Jun 26

How to Use Questions Effectively in Bible Class

In a previous post I wrote about my 7 Bible class teaching aims.  In this post I want to think about how to use questions effectively.  I am still a learning and am not an expert on this topic.  But here are some of my thoughts and I hope you can share yours to better …

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Jun 25

A Stumbling Block is Not a Complainer’s Stone

Paul teaches us in Romans 14:13 not to “put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother.”  Paul is saying, we should consider the person with a weak conscience who has not matured in the faith.  In context the weak are the legalist who are struggling with eating meat offered to idols …

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Jun 23

Can We Understand the Bible?

           The email was clear.  The boss would be away on vacation next week and he had a list of duties he needed me to carry out for him.  I read the list and understood each task; I knew I could do it.  Before leaving work, my wife texted a list …

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Jun 19

The Snail Mail Ministry that Still Makes a Difference

I was visiting with a brother who’s health has declined in recent months.  He has been in lots of pain and discomfort.  His health has caused him to miss worship on a regular basis.  He said they had received an incredible amount of support from friends, family, and fellow Christians.  People have brought food, set with …

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Jun 17

Missing the Intent of the Rule

When summer hit we made a rule that our kids could watch one program together when they all were awake.  The rule was put into place because programs were being started when one or two where awake, and then the late sleeper was missing out.  So we made the rule to wait until everyone is up. …

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Jun 15

Even Jesus Needed to Hear It

I hear and read so often that kids grow up without feeling and hearing love expressed from their father.   Leon Barnes, a long-time gospel preacher, has been reflecting on his family in some wonderful posts at leonbarnes.wordpress.com.  In the link just highlighted, he wrote about lessons from his dad.  His dad was a devout and …

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Jun 12

Farm Report #3: Thankful for Help

This is the third report on our new home and farm progress (The first, The second). In this report I want to emphasize that we have been humbled and grateful for all of the help we have received. Before saying more, I would like to update our progress.  We have electricity!!  We got a pole …

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Jun 10

We Are the Sermon Ministry

This past Sunday we completed our second “We are the Sermon” ministry.  The idea was not original to us, and certainly not complicated.  The aim of the ministry was to reach out to our community with acts of service and love.  A secondary aim is developing deeper friendships and relationships with one another as we …

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Jun 05

In Only a Week

It started last Wednesday afternoon, when Amanda received a text that her 45 year old aunt, Cindy Green, was put into ICU.  She had only been diagnosed with cancer less than 5 weeks before.   Now they were saying she may not live through a test that was necessary.  Amanda, and her sister Ashley, headed …

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