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Apr 29

Is Communion Gluten-Free?

Food allergies are unfortunately becoming more common.  Many have adopted a gluten-free diet.  Gluten is a protein found primarily in wheat.  Many are not highly allergic, but have a food sensitivity to gluten that affects their health.  Some have been diagnosed with celiac disease and exposure to gluten can bring a severe reaction. What is …

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Apr 25

True Love

The beauty of marriage is that someone knows all your faults and still loves you.  We often disappoint ourselves.  We often act in ways that  later causes us shame.  We don’t have the physical appearance we wish we had.  Our mouth gets us into trouble.  But marriage should be a place where love covers these …

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Apr 23

How Churches Can Use Easter Sunday

Easter is a celebrated holiday in the American culture.  It has lots of traditions built around it that families enjoy like Easter Egg hunts, family meals, and eating candy!  It is not a commanded holiday for Christians. Christians are to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, not only on Easter, but everyday (See my post on …

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Apr 22

An Inspiring Story of Sharing in the Pain of Others

Syria has been embroiled in a horrible civil war with over 100,000 killed in the conflict.  2 million have fled Syria as refugees to neighboring nations.  3/4 of these refugees are women and children.  The city of Homs has been a place of unspeakable violence for the last two years. In Homs, Francis van der …

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Apr 17

Curbing Our Desires, So We don’t Get Choked!

Homework, softball, soccer, basketball, 4H, Boy Scouts, Girl scouts, tennis camp, piano classes and the list goes on-and-on of activities of our kids today.   Adults are not much better.  We have housework, yard work, community service clubs, shopping, Facebook, golf, sporting events, TV shows, and Crossfit.   We are so busy!  An herein lies one …

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Apr 15

Farm Report #2 – Learning Patience

Last October we bought a farm.  I shared why in a post in November that many of you read.  I want to occasionally give updates on how our new home and farm plans are coming.  I will call these posts “Farm Reports.”  I numbered this #2 since it is following the post back in the …

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Apr 13

Email Subscription Updated!

Over the last couple of weeks I have had problems with my blog posts coming out by email.  I apologize to you if you have not received some of the posts.  You may wish to check the website for recent posts you did not receive. If you are reading this in your email you should …

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Apr 11

The Irrationality of Adultery!

It is irrational for two trains to be driving on the same track headed directly toward each other to think they will not hit, yet this is the exact thoughts of an adulterer! The affair will come out!  You cannot remain in both relationships for long!  The famous story of David committing adultery with Bathsheba …

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Apr 08

There is a Difference in Loving and Supporting

We must act in love towards all people¹, yet we must also submit to truth². I fear that sometimes we go too far under the umbrella of love.  The Bible teaches that there should be some boundaries on our love for others.  Put simply–there is a difference in loving and supporting.  Often this duty of …

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Apr 04

Walk 4 Water – Will you sponsor me?

A few weeks ago I wrote about the blessing of water.  The statistics are staggering at the amount of death and suffering daily across the world because of the lack of safe drinking water.  The post made me aware of the problem and why there is such a push to drill wells. Then I went …

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