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Feb 27

You The Man

You the man!!  I love this common slang to encourage other guys.  We used to say it when playing pick-up basketball at FHU.  I like using it to compliment or encourage a brother who has done something cool.  I tell my boys – “you the man”  and sometimes throw a little spanish on them “Tu …

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Feb 26

How Preaching Has Blessed My Life

The Jenkins Institute lead by Dale and Jeff Jenkins who serve the church and preachers through the institute publish an online magazine in blog format.  They do a great job and their work has blessed my life and ministry over the last several years.  If you are a preacher you should check their website and …

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Feb 25

Spiritually Handcuffed by God — Grace and Truth

John wrote, “For the law was given through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (John 1:17). I like to teach grace and truth as being spiritually handcuffed together.  Handcuffs bind two hands and arms together.  They keep the person wearing them from separating their hands. God in the work of Jesus tied these …

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Feb 21

Don’t Expect an Inheritance!

Talk to funeral home directors, lawyers, or preachers. You can probably talk to most anyone who has lived very long and they can tell you a story about a family that split over an inheritance. You know the stories and their effects . ..   Brothers who carry bitterness for decades over the way mom …

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Feb 19

How Apple and the Soul-winner Share the Same Goal

Apple CEO Tim Cook is quoted as saying: “Our whole role in life is to give you something you didn’t know you wanted and then, once you get it, you can’t imagine your life without it.”   They have accomplished their goal many times in the past.  If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod you …

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Feb 18

What the FHU Lectures Do for Me

This past year was my 19th FHU Bible lectureship to attend.  My first was when I was a freshman at FHU in 1995.  I went because I was “made” to go because of chapel and notes for my Bible class.  But I remember enjoying the lectureship as a student. The speakers were so good and …

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Feb 13

My Momentary Loss of Valentine’s Day Sense

Despite what I wrote yesterday, I still don’t get it either.   To illustrate ….. This past Tuesday, I was working in my office at church when a sweet lady from church, who is our adopted Mayfield grandmother stopped by and asked “Would you like a baby sitter on Valentine’s day?” It didn’t take me …

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Feb 12

Pursuing the Beauty

It is in countless movies.  It is the basic story of most love stories. Many cartoons are based on the same general theme.  Yet us men still don’t get it.   Women like to be, yes, desire to be pursued.  They want to be chased.  We think it is silly-romatic mush, but it is how …

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Feb 11

If You Want a Big Catch, Cast a Big Net

I asked the traveling evangelist Keith Parker, “What are you seeing as you travel throughout the nation preaching in campaigns for churches of Christ?”  His response was convicting.  First, he noted that brethren are the best people on the earth.  They are good people who are doing good things!  But then he stated, we are …

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Feb 10

Church Outreach Idea: A Couples Night

[important]”Churches talk a lot about marriage and family, but this is an event that actually demonstrates the church’s care for marriages.”  Keith Parker”[/important] Keith was the guest speaker for our first ever couples night at Seven Oaks this past Saturday night.  The theme was “Keeping the Romance Alive” and it was for couples only. Despite …

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