January 2014 archive

Jan 30

Forgiveness #3 – The Benefits of Forgiving

This is the third part of three posts on forgiveness.  This section focuses on the benefits of forgiveness.  To read the other posts see these links – Part 1 – Collecting Debt; Part 2 – A Decision of the Will Here is an audio sermon I did on the topic of forgiveness if you are …

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Jan 29

Forgiveness #2 – A Decision of the Will

This is the 2nd of 3 posts on forgiveness.  You can read the first post which introduced the topic here.  This is the most important post of the three and offers, I think, some unique thoughts on forgiveness and considers it in ways not normally considered.  Give it a read and let me know what you …

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Jan 28

Forgiveness #1 – Collecting Debt

A year ago, I wrote a chapter about forgiveness for a potential book.  This study was fascinating to me and was very beneficial.  I was greatly helped in this study by the aid of Jim Savage, a local mentor and counselor.  I do not know when or if this chapter will be printed, so I wanted to …

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Jan 24

My Great-Granddad’s WW1 Bible

At Thanksgiving, my parents had some family keepsakes from my Dad’s mother. Gramma, as she was known to me,  or Jeanne Wiers Ketchum, passed away in April of 2008.  This involved a box filled with journals, old photographs, and a unique little Bible.   This Bible belonged to my great-grandfather Garrett Wiers.  This was my …

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Jan 21

2014 Plan of Work for Seven Oaks Church of Christ

“By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail.”  Benjamin Franklin. This year at Seven Oaks we are trying to be more intentional in our efforts for Christ.  We don’t want to just take a shot-gun approach where we have lots of things going on, but not much productivity.  Nor do we want to take …

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Jan 19

Shocking Moment, Cool Story

In most every family, there is that one child that tends to create mayhem.  For us it is Landon, though Caleb may be learning his ways.  Landon is always doing something.  He runs at 90 mph and throws caution to the wind.  He is giving us grey hairs by the day, but is lots of …

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Jan 14

The Road Not Traveled in God’s Leading

Do you get discouraged and feel like your life is hard?  You may wander if God is really providentially watching over you.  If not careful, your discouragement can lead to disappointment and bitterness toward God. In our human way of thinking if we would have just received God’s favor or blessing with a break here-or-there …

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Jan 12

New Book on the Apostles – The Twelve: A Bible Class Study Guide

Find out how to win a FREE copy below.   I have released my first book.  I am excited about this new book.  It is a study of the 12 Apostles.  It is a study guide  and expands on the book Twelve Ordinary Men by John MacArthur. This book is 62 pages in an outline …

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Jan 09

The Real Story of Jonah — Not your Kid’s Version

Since we have had four kids we have read lots of children’s books.  Many of the books are Bible story books.  Some of these are very good and appropriate.  I understand the challenge of trying to make a Bible story book for children, especially really young children.  I don’t want this post to sound harsh, …

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Jan 05

Considering Exercise and the Christian

January is the time to shed some pounds and get involved in an exercise program.  The gyms have higher enrollments and many start a new program. There are many popular programs in use today that are thriving businesses such as Cross-fit and Zumba. Thanks to my personal trainer, which I married, we have always been …

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