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Dec 28

Top 10 Posts of 2014

Well 2014 is coming to an end and I appreciate all who have read posts this year.  I especially want to say thanks to all who are subscribed through email and those who share posts on Facebook.  Here are the top 10 posts for 2014 based on number of views.  I will try to do …

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Dec 21

Ways to Grow your Faith from My Men’s Class

I gave my men’s class of about 25 men the assignment of recommending something they did in 2014 to build their faith for other men in 2015.  I gave some input to the list, but vast majority of these came from them.  I hope you will consider what you are going to do in 2015 …

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Dec 18

The Snakes Kept On Biting

Why? The three-letter word question that haunts many hearts of Christians.  We wonder why must I endure such suffering, heartache, or pain.  We question the love of God and decry the world He created. In Numbers 21, God sent poisonous snakes amongst the people because they complained about the food and water that God provided. …

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Dec 17

Church Website Rant

So we were on our trip to the Creation museum and Amanda was trying to find us some congregations to worship at while on our trip.  She would go to their church website and found this to be very frustrating.  Most church websites fail because they are woefully outdated, and don’t give you the basic …

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Dec 14

The Joy We Feel When Our Children Get Along

Do your kids argue and fuss?  We have good kids, but it seems like we are always playing referee! The boys are always wanting to rough house and wrestle.  The oldest is constantly manipulating the younger ones to get what he wants.  Brooke is the only girl, but she can stand her ground right with …

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Dec 11

Should Christians Discourage Belief in Santa Claus?

it is that magical time of the year where kids all across the globe look forward to Christmas morning when gifts are arrayed under the tree.  Santa Claus has been a part of Christmas tradition for years, but it seems many Christians today object to this practice.   Those opposed to Santa Claus typically view …

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Dec 07

In My Travels – by Eric Lyons

Eric Lyons is a special friend that goes back to my freshman year at Freed-Hardeman.  He is a tremendous Christian man who loves the Lord with sincerity and truth.  He works at Apologetics Press in Montgomery, Alabama as an author and speaker.  He travels the country doing seminars on apologetics and preaching the Gospel.  I …

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Dec 03

The Wrong Focus Regarding Marriage and Divorce Texts

Being a preacher some of the most difficult conversations revolve around people and their marriage situations.  Marriage and divorce issues are not just doctrinal discussions, but they are heart and soul issues.  They touch our most personal and intimate areas..  The hurt and grief experienced by a divorce is possibly paramount to the death of …

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Dec 02

What Causes Good Works to End?

Churches and ministries are making plans for 2015.  Some good works are ending. Some are past their prime and need to be stopped because they are no longer effective.  But others will not see 2015 because of other reasons. Consider four reasons why good works come to an end.   Immorality – Brotherhood Mutual insurance …

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Nov 26

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so blessed.  I hope you have a great thanksgiving holiday!  Thank you for reading Life in the Kingdom and for your encouragement.

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