October 2013 archive

Oct 31

Which Type of Leader Are You? A King or a Shepherd

I want you to consider two words used in the Old Testament for leader or ruler.  The Hebrew word nagid is often translated ruler, prince, or leader.  The Hebrew word melek is translated as king.  Often these are used synomous for a leader or king. Nagid is sometimes used for a leader, ruler, or prince …

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Oct 29

Doctrine’s Place in a Dark World

Does church doctrine still have a place in our world today? The family is in a crisis.  Traditional marriage is under attack.  The homosexual movement’s agenda is being trumpeted incessantly in our culture.  Cohabitation and divorce are commonplace. Abortion is still the silent killer.  Drugs and alcohol are a scourge upon our society and tearing …

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Oct 27

They Still Bear Fruit in Old Age

Lama Smith lay most hours in bed.  She was confided to a residential care home in West Tennessee.  I was a young minister who enjoyed going to visit her.  She was a former English teacher and faithful Christian lady.  She was in her late 80s.  She had constant intestinal and abdominal pain.  I would go …

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Oct 24

My Bible Class Teaching Aims

I teach lots of Bible classes.  Some weeks I teach three classes a week.  I enjoy teaching class and have put much thought over the years into what I want to accomplish during Bible class. The class aim and context often determine the teacher’s aim.  So this list may not be appropriate for all classes. …

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Oct 22

The Character of George Washington

Author’s Note:  The following is a much longer post than I typically write, but I think it well worth your time to read.  I wrote this article for the June 2009 issue of Think Magazine.  George Washington has long been a personal hero.  The below article shares one of my favorite stories from his life. …

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Oct 20

How Jesus Managed Time

I don’t deserve credit for the information in this post.  The information came from Mike Winkler and his lesson shared on a podcast called iPreach hosted by Dale Jenkins and Adam Faugh.  You can click here to listen to this episode. (It is episode 248). I have been blessed by this lesson and the six …

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Oct 18

Holiness in the Midst of Struggling Families

This week’s posts have been on holiness.  The first one focused on our motivation for holiness and the second one compared a happy versus a holy marriage.  This last post continues the family discussion. I ended the last post by asking: But, what if my spouse isn’t holy? What if my marriage is miserable? What …

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Oct 15

A Happy vs. A Holy Marriage

The world and Christians tend to speak of “happy” marriages. We say they look so “happy” together. We wish for a couple on their wedding day a “happy” marriage. This is not bad.  I certainly want to be happy.  I want my kids to have happy marriages.  I want the couples of our church to …

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Oct 13

Our Motivation for Holy Living

I have been guilty. Most other preachers are as well. We often teach God’s commandments and desires for our lives in this manner: This benefit is why you should obey this command.  It may be an avoided consequence or a blessing gained. For example: We tell young people not to be sexually active because of STDs, …

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Oct 10

Generosity: What I Learned at the Pumpkin Barn!

On Wednesday morning the Homeschool Group, to which my wife helps organize, went to the Pumpkin Barn here in Graves County, KY.  There were over 60 of us in the group.  My family has gone for several years with our church preschool. We love going each year. It is a beautiful country scene.  The kids …

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