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Jul 26

Running Together: A Marriage Analogy

Over the last several years, we have gotten into running.  Amanda is a better runner than me.  She has completed two half-marathons.  Yet, running is something we do together,  though it is rarely side-by-side.  Most of the time, because of small kids, we run at separate times.  Sometimes, when we are with family, we will …

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Jul 23

When Should You Get Marriage Counseling?

This is the fourth and last post in the Christian Counseling Series written by Joseph Williams.  I appreciate Joseph writing these posts for me.  You can find his contact information below. ————————- When should you consider visiting a Christian marriage counselor? If you answer yes to these questions you should consider seeing a counselor. • …

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Jul 21

The Wrong Assumption We Often Make with Jesus

We know the end of the story. We have heard it many times before. We understand that there was no other way. We understand that all of history looked to this moment. The prophets had foretold its accomplishment. So we forget that it didn’t have to go that way!   We miss out on a …

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Jul 19

The King of the Kingdom

In the last post I shared what I learned from studying from Alexander Campbell.  I wrote an article titled, “The King of the Kingdom” for FHU’s Kingdom journal.  The article is based on an article written by Campbell called “The Kingdom of Heaven.” I believe that the points Campbell made in 1834 about Christ as …

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Jul 18

What I Learned in Studying from Alexander Campbell

I was asked to contribute an article for Freed-Hardeman University’s journal Kingdom.  Ralph Gilmore is the editor and chose to focus on an article by Alexander Campbell called the “Kingdom of Heaven” written in 1834.  I was assigned the  “King” of the Kingdom.  Alexander Campbell, an early restoration leader, saw the kingdom of heaven as …

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Jul 14

You’ve Got to Keep Your Preacher Humble!

One of our young adults at Seven Oaks showed me this picture tonight and jokingly said: “We let him listen to your sermon podcast.” At least he was on a church pew!  Ha! By the way, visit the Audio Resources page to access some helpful sermons, especially in putting pets to sleep!

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Jul 12

Sin and Cherry Tomatoes

When tomatoes start coming off each year in our garden I think about Brooke eating them as a baby.  She likes them now.  Here is a cute story with an important lesson I wrote back in August of 2008. Cherry tomatoes are so delicious to eat, and they look so good with that red glow. …

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Jul 09

100th Post – Some Reflections

This is my 100th blog post. The first post was on November 27, 2012.  I try to blog three times a week. Here are some reflections: It was a lot of work to create and setup the websites.  If you are  considering the process of a self-hosted website, you should know that it took a …

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Jul 07

What about Hours, Money, Insurance, etc. with Christian Counseling?

This is the third guest post by Joseph Williams, a local Christian counselor, dealing with Christian counseling.  I appreciate his contribution in these articles. Check each of them out.   ————————————— When considering counseling issues related to cost, hours, and insurance are significant factors.  Though each counselor has their own system, here are some general …

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Jul 04

What To Expect When You Visit a Christian Counselor.

This is a guest post by Joseph Williams who has written a series of posts for me regarding Christian counseling. This is the 2nd post.  Please check out the other ones as well.   ———————————- Here are some things you should expect when you visit a Christian counselor.   • The first visit is for …

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