June 2013 archive

Jun 30

When You Should Consider Visiting a Christian Counselor?

This is my first guest post written by Joseph Williams.  Joseph is a member at Seven Oaks, friend, and Christian counselor.  I asked him to write several posts regarding Christian counseling.  There will be four posts spread out over the next few weeks.  I hope they will be a blessing. Joseph’s contact information will follow …

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Jun 27

Sisterly Love

It is 4 in the morning and Caleb is crying! Amanda and I are laying in bed wondering when he will quit and what we should do.  Caleb loves to nurse.  He is 9 months and still likes to eat in the night!  He is our fourth and we have done the worst of all …

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Jun 26

“I can’t condemn them, because I am a sinner too.”

Have you heard these statements by Christians: “I am not going to condemn them, because I know I am a sinner too.” “Well, it is not my place to judge, because I know I have my faults.” I understand it is not a Christian’s place to judge the eternal destination or heart of anyone else. …

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Jun 25

Day Camp at Seven Oaks 2013

I recently wrote on the blessing of church camp.  This year area church youth ministers planned a day camp here at 7 Oaks church of Christ in Mayfield.  It is going on this week for ages 7 – 12.  For the past several years they have done a local work camp where teens from Graves County …

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Jun 20

40 Years of Marriage

40 years of marriage!  The “ruby anniversary” is being celebrated this month by my in-laws and  parents.  Amanda’s parents, David and Loretta Carson, celebrated their 40th anniversary on June 1st with a wedding ceremony of their youngest daughter.  It was a special day. My parents, Bobby and Sandy Ketchum, will celebrate their 40th anniversary on …

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Jun 19

Filling the Gap: When You Have to Get an Answer

In the last post, we put forth the challenge of filling the gap with trust rather than suspicion when a co-worker or family member creates a gap by their actions.  In this post, I would like to address the issue of what you do when the person continues to create a gap by their actions. …

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Jun 18

Filling The Gap: Trust vs. Suspicion

Elders, what do you do when you go by the church office on Tuesday morning and the preacher isn’t there? Preachers, what do you do when your youth minister isn’t in the office by 10 in the morning? Husbands, what do you do when you can’t get your wife on her cell phone one evening …

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Jun 15

He Stared at My Picture

Happy Father’s Day! I am thankful for my grandfathers, my father, and father-in-law.  These men have demonstrated biblical manhood to me and taught me so much. Each Father’s day, I also reflect upon God as my father.  I want to share a story today from Philip Yancey in his book Disappointment with God.  It is …

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Jun 12

A Conversion Story: “I Read the Bible!”

I have known her since coming to Mayfield, but I never knew how she came to Christ.  She is a sweet older widow lady, the kind who is the backbone of the church.  She stopped by my office one day before ladies’ class and shared her conversion story.  I will not soon forget it.   …

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Jun 11

Thank God for Church Camp!

Campfires, swimming, sports, devos, games, Bible classes, songs, talent shows, movie nights, baptisms, and much more.  These are all memories that so many have from attending church camp.  I attended Crowley’s Ridge Church Camp outside of Paragould, AR.  We had a great time.  Our faith grew, friendships were made, and our view of the church …

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