April 2013 archive

Apr 30

A Christian and Homosexuality

Homosexuality is in the news again.  With the NBA player Jason Collins coming out as gay to tremendous fanfare and encouragement by National leaders, fellow players, and the news media.  A controversy has already erupted with an ESPN analyst who has issued an apology and clarification because he called homosexuality a sin and acting in …

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Apr 25

Our Purpose Must Not Come from the Created!

In the last post, I wrote that creation should cause us to glorify God.  Yet, sadly the temptation of mankind through history has been to marvel at creation and choose to worship it, instead of the Creator.   In fact, we would not be overstating it to say that man’s basic mistake comes down to …

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Apr 24

Creation Should Cause Us to Praise God!

We live indoors!  We don’t spend enough time under the stars.  We are so busy with TV, phones, and Facebook that we don’t contemplate the incredible vastness of space.  We rarely go for hikes in the woods or watch some wild animals playing. Creation for many of us has become a truth or scientific position …

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Apr 23

You Can Always Do Dishes

My sister-in-law moved into our home back in February.  That makes 4 kids (8 and younger) and 3 adults in our 3 bedroom home.  Well, it was three bedroom until Ashley came and then the front living room became her bedroom!  She will be marrying a fine young man from West Kentucky on June 1st. …

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Apr 21

Some Lessons from Peyton Manning

Last night Austin (my 8 year old) and myself got to hear Peyton Manning deliver a benefit speech here at Graves County High School.  I have long enjoyed watching Peyton play football. I appreciate his work ethic and cerebral way of playing the game.  He was entertaining and interesting.   Here are some of the …

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Apr 18

A Week of Tragedy

This has been a difficult week for our nation.  I wanted to share with my readers some of the articles that I have appreciated that relate to the church of Christ.   BOSTON The Christian Chronicle had a good post about a Boston Minister who narrowly missed being at the finish line as his daughter …

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Apr 17

Balancing Work with Fun Time in Your Family

One of the struggles we have with family life is balancing work with fun time.  This is tough. There are so many house chores that need to be done.   There are inside and outside chores.  There are financial chores, home repair needs, family obligations, cleaning responsibilities, and on-and-on the list goes.  How do you …

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Apr 14

Are You More Focused on “Being” or “Doing”?

What have you done this week? What will you do next week? What have you accomplished in your last 10 years? What have you done in your life? We are a people focused on “doing.” This is often to our downfall. We get so wrapped up in what we are doing, or are going to …

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Apr 12

Why is Baptism So Controversial?

Our young adult Sunday school class is studying basic fundamentals of the faith.  This past week we began discussing baptism.  We had recently finished discussing faith, repentance, and confession.  I said that each of these are a part of the plan of salvation.  Repentance is in many ways the most difficult step, because it requires …

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Apr 10

Green Bean Evangelism

Sunday a dear grandmother, named Sandy Hart, who has six children told me how she came to Christ.  She is a woman of great faith and love of the Lord.  Her husband is a preacher and missionary to India.  She was at Seven Oaks this Sunday visiting with her daughter’s family.  She came from a …

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