February 2013 archive

Feb 28

New Resources and free FHU Lectures

I wanted to let you know that I added two new resources to the website both in PDF formats. I added a sermon outline booklet to the Sermons page.  It is entitled “Holy People” a sermon series on 1 Peter.  I preached these lessons back in November and December of 2012.  It contains 11 one-page …

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Feb 27

Five Faith Catalysts Series: #1 Practical Teaching

See this post for the introduction to this series. Practical Teaching This is our first instinct when considering faith development.  Paul said in Romans 10:17, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”  We develop and grow our faith by learning the Word of God. Yet, just because we teach people the …

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Feb 26

Growing Faith: Five Faith Catalysts

In Andy Stanley’s book Deep and Wide he lists “The Five Faith Catalysts” that are a part of a disciple’s faith development (ch. 7).  These are not unique or invented by him, but his titles and categories are helpful. On this blog I want to look at these from the perspective of developing disciples instead …

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Feb 24

The Power of YouTube

Check out this infographic about YouTube.  It is pretty phenomenal. I first got it from Thom Rainer’s blog where he referenced it at Social News Daily. See my brief comments at the bottom.     I was amazed when I first read this because we have not watched Youtube that often.  In the last year we have watched …

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Feb 21

My Observations After Cutting Satellite TV

In November of 2011 we chose to cut our Dish network and install an antenna TV. Here are some of my thoughts about this as I know others often consider this step.  I don’t know if it is helpful to you, but that is my hope. What we have used since cutting Dish? When we …

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Feb 20

The Clear Perspective of Humility

In the last post, I wrote about the delusion of pride.  The main point was that pride distorts our thinking and our actions.  We can easily spot pride in others, but are oblivious to it in our own lives. God’s answer to the problem of pride is humility (see James 4:6-10).  The challenge is gaining …

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Feb 19

The Delusion of Pride

John Wilkes Booth thought he would be a great hero.  He boasted before his deed of killing Abraham Lincoln, “When I leave the stage I will be the most talked about man in America.”  He imagined riches and glory coming his way because of his deed.  He saw his name going down in history as …

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Feb 15

Bible Investigators: A Program for Elementary Children

Last year Amanda and I put together a program we called Bible Investigators for the summer quarter at Seven Oaks.  I wanted to share it with others in case your church might be interested in the program.  You might want to take the idea and improve upon it and use it at your congregation. The …

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Feb 13

Finding A “Worthy” Relationship

If asked to share a Bible romance many would suggest the beautiful story of Boaz and Ruth from the era of the Judges.   I love this little book.  The way this story is often told is that the wealthy Boaz falls for the beautiful, young widow who is destitute, virtuous, and caring.  They fall …

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Feb 12

What Lincoln’s Assassination Reminded Me About Jesus’ Crucifixion

I just finished listening to the audiobook Killing Lincoln by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard.  The book was very informative and written for a popular audience as a thriller. I can’t say I enjoyed the book though.  I have always revered Lincoln.  I love history and have studied the Civil War since childhood.  Lincoln has …

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