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Jan 30

Change Your Family – Eat Meals Together

Meals have long been important in God’s plan.  There is this important connection between God, food, family, and fellowship.  In the Old Testament God instituted festivals.  These festivals were annual events for the children of Israel and involved them stopping their regular activities and coming together for fellowship and worship.  In the ministry of Christ …

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Jan 27

You Need the Almighty When Suffering

At Seven Oaks we are studying some of the names of God from the Old Testament.  This past Sunday was on the name El Shaddai – “God Almighty.” When I was preparing for the sermon, I researched the times the term was used either as “God Almighty” or simply “Almighty.” It was used some 48 …

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Jan 24

The Choice of Life

In yesterday’s post I wrote that Christians should make our arguments emotionally convincing and appealing.  Amanda told me about some friends from FHU and their story.  I contacted her and asked if I could share her story on this site and she was happy to allow such.  Here it is! Tommy and Miranda Schroader are …

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Jan 23

Framing the Argument

There is a saying in politics which goes like this: “He who frames the issue, wins the debate.”  (source) In our culture today, I might say it like this: “He who frames the emotionally convincing argument, wins the debate.” Correspondingly, It is often true that the one who frames the argument first, loudest, and most …

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Jan 21

Church Leadership: Knowing When to Say “When”

“the wise heart will know the proper time and the just way.  For there is a time and a way for everything, although man’s trouble lies heavy on him.  For he does not know what is to be, for who can tell him how it will be?” (Ecc. 8:5-7, ESV). ——————————————————————————————————————————————————– Since being in church ministry, I have witnessed that …

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Jan 18

Introducing iTunes Podcast and More

Some exciting news and updates to share with you. Domain name change — You might have noticed that we changed the domain names of our sites.  We are now just — joshketchum.com and amandaketchum.com.  We dropped the KetchumKlan portion to make it simpler and also to remove any offense with the use of the term “Klan.”.  We …

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Jan 16

The Parenting of Abraham

The story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac is an amazing story. Each time I read it I marvel at the faith and obedience of Abraham. But last night, Amanda helped me to consider Isaac like never before.           Isaac was not a small child, but was likely a young man, possibly in his 20s …

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Jan 14

Harnessing the Power of Influence

David Gavitt was the President of USA Basketball in 1992. The USA Olympic basketball team had lost to the Soviets in 1988 coming home with a Bronze. Professionals had been allowed to play, but many questions remained. Would they give up two months during their summer when there was no pay for playing? Gavitt wanted …

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Jan 10

Was Jesus Fair?

In America it seems we esteem the ideal of fairness.  We can be quick to claim we are not being treated fairly.  Church leaders are expected to treat everyone fairly, or they suffer criticism. Yet, we should ask the question, “Do we define fairness the same way God does?” In fact, it might be better …

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Jan 08

Danger of E-readers

E-readers, phone reading apps, and tablets have changed the reading landscape. Publishers now forecast e-readers and tablets to compromise 50% of the revenue market by 2020 of all books and magazines published. David Renard, an industry executive, stated, “We forecast that by 2020 there will be more than 1.1 billion tablets and e-paper e-readers in …

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