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Dec 31

January 1st

I love the date — January 1st. It has always been the start of a new year.  I like new years, because they are filled with opportunity, potential, and dreams. It was a fun day when I was in college as we would often be with friends playing sports or hanging out. It was crowned …

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Dec 27

Reducing the Noise!

In the last post I explored mind-food.  We have to manage our mind-food and it is very difficult in this world today with so many distractions.  One of my friends made me laugh with this tweet over the holidays:   Sid Gray ‏@sidgray Let’s not forget what the holidays are for: gathering around the table with …

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Dec 26

Mind-Food Diet for the New Year

It is dieting time!!  I plan on cutting back  after eating so much food over the holidays.  Many others will start dieting in January.  Sadly, far too few consider what they put into their mind like they do their body.   Christians are to manage our mind-food more carefully than our physical food (Phil. 4:8, …

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Dec 23

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas Christmas is a special time for our family.  We get to spend time with family, which is always special.  We are extremely blessed, for which we give thanks to the Lord.  We are enjoying a great Christmas and we hope you and your family are as well. Josh  

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Dec 20

Parenting Through Grief

[*Disclaimer – I am not a professional counselor, I am a minister and father sharing my thoughts.] Death has been at every turn this December, via our ministry, the national news, and within our family.  Parents of young children often ask me how they should handle death as it concerns their children.  For example, when they …

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Dec 18

Get an App for the Bible on your Phone and Tablet

I like technology, but I only recently upgraded to a smart phone.  I got an iPhone 4s on Straight Talk.   I really enjoy it.  It has been great for our family and for my ministry.  We have had an iPad2 for the last year.  I am not going to call names (Seven Oak’s folks), …

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Dec 18

Mass Shootings on the Rise — Why and What are we to do?

Our nation has been in shock and unbelief since Friday when our nation witnessed the unthinkable in the mass shooting at the Newtown elementary school.  Others have written well about it (Dale Jenkins has a great post on humanism and Steve Higgenbotham speaks to the anger we feel.) These shootings got me wondering,  “Are the …

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Dec 14

The Gift Your Spouse Really Wants This Year

Have you got your Christmas gift for your spouse this year?  What are they wanting?  Is it a new set of diamond earrings or a new tech gadget?  While it is important to give your spouse a gift,  I want to suggest that what they really want this year is your adoration and love.  Men want …

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Dec 12

Eating Together on Sunday Nights, A Good Ministry??

Developing friendship amongst members of the church is so important for a strong church.  In our busy world where families are struggling, this is a key factor in getting families connected to the church.  Churches need to take a comprehensive approach to developing close fellowship, so I am not suggesting this is all it takes. …

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Dec 09

I am not Enslaved to the Fear of Death

This has been a tough week for the church Mayfield and our area community.  We lost a sweet 17 year old Christian lady in a terrible automobile accident.  She came from a strong Christian family who has deep roots in the church.  Our young people have been devastated by this event. This week ended with …

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