Jul 07

Taking a Month Break!

I appreciate all of you who read and follow the blog.  Your willingness to read and words of encouragement mean very much to me.

I have a busy month ahead.  I have struggled lately with having something to write about and I need to use the time for some other projects, therefore, I don’t plan to post any over the next month.  I hope to start writing again in early August.  Hopefully, I will have some new post ideas and will have more time to write.


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Jun 29

Farm Report # 8: Living at the Farm!

We moved to our new home on the farm in December.  Living at the farm has made it much easier to take care of the animals and land.


Though, we have been surprised with how much mud, dirt, and dust there is when living on the farm!  I haven’t given a farm report since October, so here are some of the highlights of things on the farm.

  1. We started our chicken flock.  The end of March we purchased 50 chicks.  30 meat chickens called Cornish Rocks and 20 various other breeds for egg laying.  We built them a coop in one of the horse stalls in the barn.  The meat birds eat like starving POWs and grew really fast.  We had a problem with some of them dying, but was never able to determine the cause.
  2. We have finally been able to harvest some animals and the reward is great!  We had two Berkshire hogs slaughtered.  They weighed about 350 and 400 lbs.  We have been very pleased with their meat.  I even cured and smoked some of the bacon from one of them.  The bacon turned out a bit salty, but is still very good.  The pork chops have been tender and the sausage great.  We had a Dexter steer slaughtered as well in early June.  We haven’t eaten much of his meat yet, but are excited to have it.  The cow was grass-fed solely and both the pigs and the cow were not given any shots or antibiotics.  So the meat is as natural as it comes.  We had 19 meat chickens make it to full size.  We processed them all ourselves.  It wasn’t too bad, just took some time and wasn’t the most pleasant experience ever!  But we have plenty of chicken in the freezer.  We should have three sheep that will be ready for processing in September to October range.


    Two of the chickens ready for the freezer.

  3. We had two calves born and lost one calf to still-birth.  We were blessed with two calves, both little girls born this spring.  We were disappointed that one of our cows, which gave us a calf last year, had a premature birth of a still-born calf.  So we will settle for two new calves this year instead of three as we had hoped.IMG_0957
  4. We milked a cow for over 2 months.  One of our biggest ventures on the farm was milking a cow.  We milked Pippin, our four year old Dexter cow.   She was the cow that had the still-born calf.  We had never milked a cow and she had never been milked, so it was new to us all.  We enjoyed the raw milk we got from her.  We made ice cream, kefir, butter, and used it for all other milk purposes.  Amanda, and a few of the kids, have dairy allergy problems.  They found they were able to use the raw milk without any of their typical symptoms. It was a real blessing for our family.  The challenge involved having to be tied down so much to do it daily.  Also here milk supply decreased to the point that the result did not justify the time.  We tried various things to increase her milk supply, but they didn’t seem to work, so we decided to stop when it got down to only 3-4 cups a milking.  Amanda and I did it together.  We found it was a blessing to get up and get our day started talking and working together.  Sometimes it was frustrating but most days it was an enjoyable shared experience.  We hope to do it again in the future with hopefully better results.

    Amanda was great at milking!! She could handle the poop, pee, flies, and tail swats.

    Amanda was great at milking!! She could handle the poop, pee, flies, and tail swats.

  5. We finally have a successful garden at the farm.  Our gardens at the farm have not gone well the last two years.  We didn’t live at the farm and the place we tried for the garden was very rocky, poor soil.  So this year we tried a different spot and we changed the primary gardener!  Amanda took over as the driving force behind the garden.  I was busy the first weekend of May leveling our yard and putting in drainage pipe when she planted the garden with some help from Ashley and the kids.  She has done a great job of keeping it clean, organically fertilized, and picked. We are getting lots of veggies off of it already and looking forward to much more.  We even canned our first few jars of pickles.  We have never canned before, but hope to preserve much of the veggies for later use.IMG_0895

    Our garden now!

    Our garden now!

This gives you a quick report on some of the things that have gone on at “Happy Home Farm.”


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Jun 26

A Lesson from an Auschwitz Survivor Who Was Not One!

Did you hear about the 91 year old man who had claimed for years he was an Auschwitz death camp survivor?  He confessed he made the story up this week.  You can read the news article here.  Joseph Hirt had lectured school groups and told his story for years.  He even had a prisoner number tattooed on his arm.  He recently came public after a history teacher began to investigate his story.  While I feel the confession was good for him bringing a sense of relief and freedom, his motive for doing it is instructive for all of us.

In the article he says he was determined to tell the story of the survivors after visiting Auschwitz several years after WW2.  He said his goal was to “prevent the loss of truth.”  How ironic that truth was his motive!  He had good intentions.  He wanted the world to remember the tragedy and lessons from the Nazi crimes.  But he went overboard by creating a great presentation and appealing story to better share the truth. It was great, it just wasn’t true, and truth matters! 

But he crossed the line when he did so.  The end did not justify the means.  He was dishonest. He was lying, probably a thoroughly justified, rationalized lie in his mind, but a lie none-the-less.

Christians can learn from this story.  We want to share truth.  We are highly motivated to share the truth of Jesus and His word.  But we must not compromise truth in the process.  Missionaries that are zealous for the cross must not rationalize the misuse of funds just because they are doing good.  Preachers must not stretch or change the truth of God’s word, in order to grow the church.

Joesph Hirt harmed the power of his message and the work of his life, by compromising his integrity.  We must remember good intentions do not justify immoral conduct.  Doing good and making a difference in this world, does not justify dishonesty.  So many Christians have fallen to the same temptation.

“For we are not, like so many, peddlers of God’s word, but as men of sincerity, as commissioned by God, in the sight of God we speak in Christ.”  (2 Corinthians 2:17 ESV)

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Jun 24

How We Can Save Marriage!

by hisks from www.sxc.hu

by hisks from www.sxc.hu

Here are some things we are doing in the church today to save marriage.

  • Marriage sermons
  • Marriage classes
  • Marriage seminars
  • Marriage counseling
  • Marriage mentoring
  • Marriage small-gropus
  • Pre-martial counseling
  • Marriage books
  • Marriage retreats

We have tremendous resources available now to save marriage and build families.  There are great books that you can find to teach you how to have a good marriage.  There are wonderful sermons and workshops you can attend and listen to that will equip you for having a good marriage.  There are trained Christian counselors who are able to save marriages when people listen to their advice.

But are any of these going to be our solution at turning back the marriage crisis we face in our country?  They are all a part of the solution.  I am thankful for each of them and participate in many of them.  But I believe the one primary way that we are going to change the future of marriage, and strengthen the American family, is by displaying Christ-like marriages to the world. 

Marriage is intended to be a lived out analogy of the love Christ has for the church and the church for Christ.  It is intended to be a witness and example to the world.  Every Christian couple, that loves each other sacrificially putting the other above themselves, is powerful weapon in the battle to save marriage.  The next generation is changed because they grow up in a home seeing a Christ-like marriage.  Friends of the couple are inspired to have a better marriage because they see a Christ-like marriage.  Worldly neighbors see their home and desire to have what they have in their marriage because they see a Christ-like marriage.

Sermons, books, and seminars are important, but the way we are going to save marriage and the American family is through Christian couples having a Christ-like marriage!

This is why each of us who are married must first examine our own marriage and the example we are giving to our children, fellow Christians, and the world.  You may be the only marriage book or sermon that your friends and kids ever truly listen to about marriage!  


Ephesians 5:22-33

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Jun 21

Seeking the Welfare of the People

We are in the midst of another political campaign.  Many Americans, especially Christians, are discouraged with the choices on the ballots.  The current political system seems to be fueled by greed and power.

Nehemiah was a great political leader of God’s people in the Old Testament.  When he came to Jerusalem with the king’s authority and financial backing to rebuild the walls, Israel’s enemies were concerned.  The Bible says it “displeased them greatly that someone had come to seek the welfare of the people of Israel.”¹  The term welfare involves the idea of good or best for the people.

This is what we should demand of our leaders today.  They all claim such, but it seems few actually practice such ideals.  They are interested in themselves and protecting their own support and ideologies.

We need leaders who put the good of the people and the nation above their own greed and power.  We need leaders in office who are willing to work for the good of the nation, rather than having to gain selfish glory.  Compromise, friendship, and civility should characterize our leaders, as they seek to do what is good for the people and the future of the nation.

Let us pray for this type of leadership.  When we are leaders, let us seek the good of the people, above ourselves.


¹  Nehemiah 2:10

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Jun 15

40 Reasons I am Thankful on my 40th!

Birthday Candle Number

I turn 40 today, June 15, 2016.  I am grateful and thankful on this occasion and I want to share 40 of these.  There is no certain order to this list.

I am thankful for . . .

  1. Living to 40!  Life is never a right, but a blessing.
  2. Living in America with the wealth and freedoms we enjoy.  I love my country.
  3. Ice cream and dessert!  I have consumed much of them over my 40 years!
  4. Beautiful sunny days to enjoy being outside.  I have enjoyed so many.
  5. Golf!  I love the sport whether I am playing or watching it.
  6. FHU!  Freed-Haldeman blessed my life tremendously with its environment, education, and mentors.
  7. Friends!  I have been blessed with wonderful friends all through my life.
  8. Amanda!  She is my best friend and companion.  She gives me so much joy and happiness.
  9. Water!  I have always enjoyed swimming, water skiing, jet skis, and now I get to live with a huge pond in my back yard.
  10. History!  From my teenage years until now I have enjoyed studying the story of us, what we call history!  It shapes me and entertains me.  I like it!
  11. BBQ!  I enjoy smoking and grillin’ meat!  I enjoy cooking it, but like eating it even better!!
  12. Computers!  Computer technology allows me to do so much more than I would be able to if I had to use pen and paper.
  13. Austin!  My 11 year old who is my farm manager, sports companion, and general awesome dude!
  14. Brooke!  My 9 year old princess who has my personality in a little girl’s body!  She is precious and sweet!
  15. Church Camps!  They are great places to have fun and grow your faith.
  16. Homeschooling!  I am grateful my wife makes so many sacrifices to homeschool the kids.  It provides a great education and blesses our family.
  17. Fresh cut hay fields!  I love the smell of fresh cut hay and especially when it is my fields that got turned into hay for my animals this winter!
  18. Our farm and the many animals that have taught us so much!   
  19. For sweet, older, Christian ladies who are loving and encouraging!  Being a minister means you get to be blessed by many of them from class time to home visits.
  20. My Missouri home.  I still enjoy going back home to Mom and Dad’s house and farm.  It is always special and comforting to go back home!
  21. Landon!  Our soon to be 7 year old who has made life so much fun and always keeps us on our toes!  He is my little outdoors-man and jokester!
  22. Caleb!  Our 3 year old who is going through a time of fits and funny questions!  He keeps us laughing and shaking our heads in frustration all in the same 10 minutes!
  23. Family!  I am blessed to have a close family that loves and cares for one another.  From in-laws to distant cousins I am grateful for my family!
  24. Parents!  I am grateful they are still in good health and gave me such a solid foundation to build my life upon.
  25. Amanda’s cooking!  I married an incredible cook and one who takes such great care of us!
  26. Preaching and teaching!  I enjoy the opportunity to study and share God’s word!
  27. Baptisms!  I am thankful for each one I have baptized, and I hope to have many more in the next 40 years.
  28. Preachers!  I appreciate my brethren who preach, you help me to preach better!
  29. 7 Oaks Church of Christ!  This family of God has treated us like family for 12 years.  They are loving, patient, and humble!
  30. Bedtime!  Not my bedtime, but the kids bedtime!
  31. The Ranger and Tractor!  I don’t know how I would make it on the farm without them.
  32. Walks, and sometimes runs, with Amanda!
  33. State and National Parks.  I have visited many of them over 40 years and love everyone!
  34. Sports! From playing to watching and all things in between!
  35. The Word of God!  It is always a deep well of wisdom, strength, and knowledge!
  36. My in-laws!  They are great to me.
  37. For the people who read this blog!
  38. 7 Oaks Elders!  They are great men to serve under in the House of the Lord.
  39. Our new house is completed!  I love it and am thankful we are not still building!
  40. For the incredible grace and abundant love of God and my Savior Jesus Christ.  

Thanks for the blessing you have been to my life!

To listen to a sermon I preached on “40 Years in the Church” go to the Audio Resources.

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Jun 08

Three Step Guide to Caring!

Hands by Bas Van Der Pluym at freeimages.com

Hands by Bas Van Der Pluym at freeimages.com

We have all heard the saying, “No one cares what you say, until they know you care.”  But how do people know we care?  We get so wrapped up in our busy lives that it is easy to not care enough about others.

I was studying from Nehemiah and discovered three key things we can do to “care” better for others in chapter 1.

  1.  Care enough to ask.  Nehemiah, who was living in luxury and had it made in an exalted position as the king’s cupbearer, was concerned about his homeland.  He was concerned about his kinsman who had returned to the land of Israel.  When one of his brothers had returned, he asked him how it was going.  A great amount of caring can be communicated in a simple, sincere question.  We must care enough to ask!  Sometimes a question can open up a flood of information or emotion that you never anticipated, because they feel loved.
  2. Care enough to pray.  Nehemiah heard that his brethren were in great trouble and shame.  He learned the walls of Jerusalem were broken down and the city lay unprotected from enemies.  He was moved to tears upon hearing this news. He began to fast and pray for days.   One of his prayers is recorded in 1:5-11.  He confesses their sins and beseeches the Lord’s mercy upon them.  Prayer is powerful and we must take praying for others seriously.  When people ask us to pray, or we tell others we will pray, we must realize we can impact heaven and earth with our prayers.
  3. Care enough to act.  Nehemiah was already devising a plan to help.  It would have been very easy for Nehemiah to think there was nothing he could do.  He was a long ways away and he had little resources.  Yet, he began dreaming big.  He began to dream of going to Jerusalem and rebuilding the wall.  He started to pray about this and make a plan of how to get the resources and carry out the mission.  He cared enough to act!   When we see a need, we need to be willing to get our hands dirty.  We have to be able to put our personal agendas aside and love others!

Nehemiah’s three step plan for caring!  It worked for him and it will work for us today.  We can show the love of Christ if we start caring like Nehemiah.


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Jun 07

100% Happy?

Jump by Henri Snijders at free images.com

Jump by Henri Snijders at free images.com

The hunger for happiness is a driving force for most Americans. We assess our happiness to determine our future choices and decisions.  We often feel guilty and depressed because we are not happy, like we think all of our friends are.  So . . . :

People get divorced because they are not happy in their marriage.

People leave their job because they are not happy.

A family leaves the church because they are not happy there anymore.

Parents spend their lives trying to make their kids happy and provide enjoyable experiences for them.

Do we lose touch with reality when it comes to our pursuit of happiness?

Maybe the problem is we have bought into the idea that we are supposed to be 100% happy!  Consider most anything that makes you happy, isn’t there parts of it you don’t like?

I am happy with my job of preaching, but there is at least 15% of my work that I don’t like, that I sometimes wish I could change.

I am happy that we are involved in our family farm raising livestock, but there are many moments I am not happy with the farm.  Maybe even 20% of the time.

I am happy with my marriage. We are “happily married,” but there are days when we are unhappy.  There are times when I hurt her feelings or we just don’t “jee-haw” as we say.

My kids have many happy times, but they cry often and are regularly not happy with our decisions.  Haven’t you seen plenty of kids crying in McDonald’s or an amusement park?

The bottom line is that it is unrealistic to expect life to be happy all the time!  In fact,  the big features of our lives may involves difficult months and years.  Many marriages have endured sad and hard years only to come through them with commitment to enjoy happy years later in life.

So go ahead and do yourself a favor and release yourself from the expectation that life is about you being 100% happy.  It is not!  It is not even about you being 50% happy.  Happiness is good, but it is not a right or the purpose of life!  We are not that shallow are we?

Life is deeper!  Life is about glorifying God and fulfilling his will in our lives.  Life is about love, commitment, sacrifice, and service.  Our Lord and his Apostles had many times when they were not 100% happy.  They suffered and were rejected.  But they lived with joy and purpose.  Join me in trying to do likewise!

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Jun 01

How Transgender Bathroom Rules Are Flushing Our Youth


{NOTE:  I wrote this article for an upcoming THINK magazine on Transgender issues.}

On May 13, 2016, President Obama did what was considered unthinkable just a couple of years ago.  He, along with Education and Justice Department officials, issued a letter urging school officials to accommodate transgender students by allowing them to use the bathroom of their gender identity.  Schools are threatened with losing federal funds if they fail to do such, as they are said to be sexually discriminating and violating Title IX (1972) and the Civil Rights Act (1964).  This is despite the fact that neither of these laws had any thought to transgender restrooms when they were passed in 1964 and 1972.

The President’s involvement in this controversy is only the latest in an ongoing national discussion about transgenders using the restroom of their choice.  It is my contention that proponents of such legislation are creating more problems than they are solving by casting off common sense and the basic fundamental demarcation of society.  While arguing to protect  the civil rights of transgender children, this issue actually endangers and threatens our most precious and vital possession as a society—our children.  Sadly, I see at least four negative outcomes for children that will come by allowing people to choose their bathroom irrespective of their biological gender.         

First, the majority is made uncomfortable.  The LGBT community, who advocates for these laws, argues it is wrong to make transgender individuals “uncomfortable” by having to use the restroom of their birth certificate.  Suppose you are a 3rd grader in a public school using the restroom with your classmates and in walks someone clearly of the opposite sex, who is going to be uncomfortable?  Likely everyone involved will be uncomfortable, and especially the majority who are using their normal facility.  As Nicole Russell said, “Transgender kids should not be free to make other kids acquiesce to environments in which they are uncomfortable … their goals or accomplishment fail to acknowledge that every student deserves equal treatment.” (1) Clearly the transgender students are a very small minority.  Yet, the majority is made subject to their will.  If the true goal is comfort, then how does the comfort of one transgender student trump the comfort of all the non-transgender students?  We have become so consumed as a culture with protecting the minority, that we are abusing the majority with such legislation.

Second, predators and child abusers are given an open door to be in locations where they should not be!  Children are hence more susceptible to abuse, exploitation, sexual exposure, and kidnapping.  Let us be realistic about this issue, transgender individuals dress and act in a way that identifies with their chosen gender.  They are able to use their chosen restroom without others knowing because of their appearance.  The general public is unaware that a transgender person is using their restroom.  Thus, making legislation only helps them feel justified and equal.  But the real and possibly unintended consequence of such legislation is the allowing of individuals who look and dress like their biological sex enter the bathroom and dressing room of the opposite sex.  This is an open temptation for predators and child abusers.  They now can go in a woman’s restroom fully dressed as a man and this is acceptable.  In public schools for example, middle school boys can go into the girls’ dressing rooms legally.  Police reports from across our nation are already filled with incidences of individuals using restrooms and dressing rooms as places to video tape, solicit, expose, and abuse children. (See this listing of incidences)(2).

There is concern even in liberal communities which have been practicing transgender bathrooms.  Time magazine ran an article about a girls’ swim team in New York’s Upper West Side that are too scared to use the women’s locker room at the Parks Department’s swimming pool.  Girls ranging in age from 7-18 are uncomfortable after seeing a “bearded individual” using the girl’s locker room.  Since the Parks department allows such usage the girls swimming team is having to use the family changing space, which is too small, for their privacy.  They had rather take turns changing in the family space than risk changing in front of a man.  Parents are pushing for rules that would keep people from using the restroom for blocks of time unless accompanied with a child.  One parent is quoted as being concerned that adult strangers are allowed “to shower and change clothes in the presence of naked vulnerable children.” (3)  I think any parent would be concerned!

Third, the basic foundational moral and self-image markers that have always existed are being removed—confusing and harming children.  Male and female is one of the most basic elements of natural classification.  With the birth of each new animal on our farm, we anticipate discovering the sex of the new addition.  The sex of the new animal will define much about the livestock’s purpose and personality.  Throughout history, humanity has always classified people into two groups based on their biological anatomy.  The biological sex of a person defines much of who they are and who they are supposed to be, just as it does with animals on the farm.  Our culture is sending our children a confusing message during their most impressionable and challenging years.  They are struggling to find love, acceptance, and identity.   Many children and teens will seek transgender identification as a way of gaining attention and finding their own identity.  For example, the New York Times noted, “studies suggest that most young children with gender dysphoria eventually lose any desire to change sex.” (3)  Past generations clearly sent a message to their youth of expectations for their biological sex.  Boys were expected to grow into men, and assume this masculine role in society. Girls were expected to develop into ladies, and assume the feminine role in society.   With these clear identity markers being removed, children are being harmed because they are told by society you have to choose your gender and sexual preference.  Just as we are witnessing with homosexuality, so we will see an increase in transgenderism because our culture is offering this to children as a possibility.  The moral revolution has been so strong in society that it doesn’t even know the difference in male and female, and this is exactly the dangerous message we will internalize in our children (4)!

Fourth, this issue encourages a general attitude of rebellion and revolt against God.  When we refuse to believe and willfully ignore the truths of creation, we open ourselves up to all kinds of sins.  The opening chapters of Genesis declare that God made us male and female in His image and likeness.  The Savior reminded us of this truth when he dwelt on earth (Mat. 19:4).  This is a form of modern idolatry!  A rejection of one’s biological gender is a a rejection of the creative design and sovereign purpose of God.

We teach kids in our culture that each is unique and special in their own way.  We want them to know they are special and accepted in their skin color, race, hair features, facial form, disability, or academic ability.  Yet in this area regarding their sexual gender, society is saying just deny who you are.  What would our society tell a black skinned child with African ancestors who wanted to be of white European decent?  Most in our culture would encourage him to be thankful for who he is and recognize his own value, beauty, and worth.  Why do we tell the boy who wants to be a girl, this is a good thing, you don’t have to be a boy, just call yourself a girl and dress like a girl?

For our precious children this is about more than which bathroom they use and who is in it with them.  It is about their safety, self-image, and security.  It is about the message our culture is sending about morals, their own identity, and God.  It is about the casting off of common sense and historically understood roles.  It will adversely affect our children and the future of our nation.  


1 – “Don’t Put My Five-Year-Old Girl in a Bathroom with a Transgender Boy.”  by Nicole Russell – The Federalist – 7-24-2015 – http://thefederalist.com/2015/07/24/transgender-bathroom-my-daughter/

2 – “Top Twenty-five Stories Proving Target’s Pro-Transgender Bathroom Policy is Dangerous to Women and Children.”  By Warren Todd Huston, April 23, 2016


3 – “Even in Liberal Communities, Transgender Bathroom Laws Worry Parents.”  Belinda Luscombe – May 13, 2016  time.com


4 –  “The Briefing 05-16-16” by Albert Mohler  http://www.albertmohler.com/2016/05/16/the-briefing-05-16-16/

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May 26

Are We Making Good Use of Our Freedom?

by linder6580 at www.sxc.hu

by linder6580 at www.sxc.hu

Our freedoms have not come without a cost!

John Quincy Adams who was President from 1825-29 said this . . .

“Posterity–you will never know how much it has cost my generation to persevere your freedom.  I hope you will make good use of it.”  

What would he think now?

Consider that word “cost” in sheer lives lost in our wars.  The total number of Americans killed in U.S. Wars is 1.1 million.  This is just soldiers.  Consider all of the casualties and grief stricken families.

Consider the cost of hours of work and effort by our founding fathers risking personal fame and fortune. Think about all the average people that have built this nation through hard-work and sacrifice through the centuries.

This Memorial Day, as our nation looks back in gratitude, let us consider the responsibility of freedom.

Are we making “good use of it?”  Are we using our freedoms or abusing them?

  • We have turned our freedoms into entitlements.
  • We insulted the spirit of freedom by making demands upon our government to provide for us.
  • We have abused freedom to the point of casting off common sense.  The majority is restricted to the point that we can’t even maintain common structures in society like which restroom to use.
  • We misunderstand freedom, thinking it is permission to live as we want, rather than the opportunity to pursue a worthy life of service and faith.
  • We mistakenly think freedom means no one can tell us what to do and we have no responsibility to others.

We are John Quincy’s posterity, how are we using the freedom they purchased for us?

I would dare say many of our founding fathers, yeah that vast army of soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice, would shake their head in disgust and wipe tears from their eyes if they could see how we have used the freedom they purchased!

They may say, “I gave my life for this, what a waste!”

America, we need to wake up and start using our freedom wisely and as good stewards or we very well may lose it!


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